AdeptiCon! One Week Left! – Mantic Blog
Allright, allright, allright! We are closing in on AdeptiCon! We’re just over a week away to a great weekend of fun and games. Just wanted to drop a quick rundown that will be happening next weekend. Let’s start with the bread and butter baby. Thursday starts the fun and games with the How You Use It tournament. This is a long standing standard at AdpetiCon. All armies stay at the table. Only you, the General, moves so each round you are commanding a new army. This is a great way to test your ability to lead whatever is in front of you. Finishing out the night is a Speed Touranment. Are you able to move an army with a limited amount of time to grab victory. This is a three round tournament that decreases in time each round. Times for each round are 25 minutes, 20 minutes, 15 minutes total. Friday has the Kings of War Big Game being played all day. This is a giant eight foot board with TEN THOUSAND POINTS a side! That’s right TEN THOUSAND! No experience needed. This is a great fun way to learn the game in a casual setting. Finally at last Saturday [...]