Another Year, Another Four Foot Snake Thing - Kings of War tournament report – Mantic Blog
We’ve got a guest blog today from Four Foot Snake’s Paul Welsh about their recent Kings of War tournament. Over to you Paul… For those of you who don’t know, ‘Four Foot Snake’ (or FFS as it’s also known as) is a UK based Kings of War Podcast (although the last episode posted was actually back in May 2018), originally consisting of hosts Jonathan Faulkes, Dan King, Nick Williams and Matt Gilbert. After Matt was appointed COO of Mantic, his time became much harder to steal and the guys recruited Paul Welsh to the team for a (slightly) more regular foursome on the cast. On top of podcasting, the team were a regular sight in the Kings of War tournament scene, both at home and abroad (the pinnacle being FFS crowned ‘Best Team Overall’ at Lonewolf 2018 in Texas, USA). It was this travelling that allowed the team to experience different approaches to event organisation… which brings us to the FFS GT. The UK tournament scene mainly focuses on ‘Battle’ (results of games) to score its events, while the USA use an ‘Overall’ approach that combines ‘Battle’ with ‘Hobby/Painting and Sportsmanship’ (otherwise known as ‘Soft Scores’). After the team experienced [...]