TerrainCrate 2 Kickstarter - just 3 days left! – Mantic Blog
We’re entering the final days for the TerrainCrate 2 Kickstarter. Since the project launched less than two weeks ago, we’ve funded a huge amount of plastic, pre-assembled and wonderfully detailed scenery for a wide range of gaming genres, such as: RPGSHistorical wargamesPost-apocalypticFantasyCthulhu-esque mysteryZombie survivalSkirmish wargamesAnything else you can think of really! THE WALKING DEAD The Campbell Heights Crate is perfect for using alongside our All Out War range or Here’s Negan: The Board Game. In fact, it’s great for any modern skirmish game and can be combined with the existing scenery booster. You can even just pick up the Survivor’s Stronghold set for only £18 to use with Here’s Negan, should you wish. COMBINE WITH TERRAINCRATE 1 The Bleakwood Manor crate is the perfect companion for our existing TerrainCrate fantasy range and scales up perfectly with the current pieces. Bring some glamour to your fantasy games with a luxurious boudoir for a vampire (as seen here with a couple of 3D prints) or a king’s castle complete with splendid furniture. WARGAMING! We worked with our pals over at Warlord Games on the Morneville Ruins Crate. In here you’ll find a great selection of wargaming scatter from semi-destroyed houses to ruined furniture and [...]