New TerrainCrate 2 crate: Morneville Ruins – Mantic Blog
With TerrainCrate 2 we want to fund an even wider range of affordable, plastic and ready built scenery/terrain for a selection of tabletop games. With TerrainCrate 1 we ticked a huge amount of fantasy boxes and with this campaign we’re aiming to fill the gaps for other genres. So far, we’ve got gothic fantasy for RPGs, post-apocalyptic, modern skirmish, spooky woods, quaint villages, market squares… in fact, whatever your imagination allows! However, there was another genre that we felt needed that TerrainCrate love: historical wargaming. With this in mind, we teamed up with our friends over at Warlord Games to create a selection of pieces that are perfectly compatible with their 28mm tabletop World War II game, Bolt Action. We wanted to ensure wargamers had big, chunky scenery pieces they could quickly throw onto their battlefield, so they can get onto the serious business of rolling dice. Today, we’re delighted to introduce the much-rumoured fourth Crate: Morneville Ruins. Inspired by the pieces available in Bellevue Square, Morneville includes ruined versions of elements like the impressive statue and barricades using the café chairs/tables. It also has brand new items like the military checkpoint and church interior. All of these are big pieces that provide [...]