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Hey everyone, Martin here. So Rob thinks he is a funny guy and is constantly giving me grief about sticking to one hobby project at a time (now come on, who does that kind of madness?). And one of his utterly hilarious jokes is that I will NEVER complete a Kings of War army. Not one to turn my back on a challenge and never to allow Rob any high ground what-so-ever, I have set to work on building a Nightstalker force ready for the Kings of War Doubles event in July! I’ve really enjoyed painting up my Vanguard Nightstalker warband, so I can follow some of the themes I used for those through into the Army. To start with I wanted to use as much cool stuff as possible from the new releases so I started with a Shadow-Hulk. This is a massive kit and I cant wait to get it painted – I have given it a zenithal highlight for now. I love the look of the Butchers Block formation from Clash of Kings 19 so to fit alongside the Shadow Hulk I am part way through painting 2 Hordes of Butchers. This formation is 630 points so will be [...]