DreadBall Interplanetary MegaBowl - semi-final 2 – Mantic Blog
It’s the galaxy’s biggest sporting event this weekend – the DreadBall Interplanetary MegaBowl! To celebrate we’ve got FREE rules to download and some incredible offers on teams, books and mats over on the Mantic website. Don’t miss out. Hello sports fans! Welcome to our second semi-final. As usual I’m joined by my eager co-host Dobbs. We’ll just have to wait a moment while Dobbs finishes his SlushyBurger. Sorry Elmer, I skipped my third lunch today, so needed to grab a bite. I’m hoping this match is more enjoyable than Something Fishy’s victory over Dot Matrix. We heard that Coach Martin fled the country after that game and is now hiding out, working on his new team. God speed, Martin! Anyway, onto today’s game and we’ve got a second NeoBots team heading to the pitch. The Go, Go, Go Bots have been the underdogs of this tournament, but they’ve made it through this far. Meanwhile, the Tsduo-Scientists have been a solid bet all the way through. The Tsudo-Fans have even started wearing gowns to games. Anyway, enough from us, let’s get on with the game. Are you going to eat your SlushyDog, Elmer…? GO, GO, GO BOTS They’ve fought bravely throughout the [...]