DreadBall Interplanetary Megabowl - semi-final 1 – Mantic Blog
It’s the galaxy’s biggest sporting event this weekend – the DreadBall Interplanetary MegaBowl! To celebrate we’ve got FREE rules to download and some incredible offers on teams, books and mats over on the Mantic website. Don’t miss out. Welcome sports fans to the Mantic Interplanetary MegaBowl. I’m your host Elmer and I’m joined by my enthusiastic co-host, Dobbs. Thanks Elmer! The Mantic Interplanetary MegaBowl is more exciting than a happy hour on the planet Zulox 7, where an hour actually lasts for three days. The Mantic staff have been battling it out on the neodurium pitches for weeks and we’re down to the final four. That’s right, Dobbs. We’ve got four teams left in the cup, including: Dot Matrix (Neobots) – coached by MartinGo, Go, Go Bots! (Neobots) – coached by ElvisSomething Fishy (Sphyr) – coached by RobTsudo-Science (Tsudochan) – coached by Duncan Ooooh boy Elmer, that’s a heck of a line up. Today’s semi-final is Dot Matrix versus Something Fishy. Tomorrow we’ll have Go, Go, Go Bots! versus Tsudo-Science before the exciting final, broadcast (almost) live at 6pm (GMT) this Sunday on the Mantic Facebook page. Anyway, enough chatter Dobbs. Let’s meet today’s teams. DOT MATRIX Programmed by a [...]