Nightstalker: Battle Tactics – Mantic Blog
Kyle Przelenski, part of the Master Crafted crew and the only man brave enough we could find to handle the Nightstalkers, is here to give you some battle tactics to get the most out of this terrifying faction. Over to you Kyle… Nightmares made real – Mantica’s most horrifying army burst onto the scene this week with the official release of the Nightstalkers! This faction offers some unique builds for your games of Kings of War and can be one of the most rewarding armies to play when done right. Let’s take a look at some of the tactical applications of these creatures on the tabletop and how you can lead your enemies straight into the void. THE PLAYSTYLE There are two distinct army special rules that make the Nightstalkers stand out. The first is the Stealthy special rule. A large number of units in the army automatically come equipped with a built in -1 to hit modifier in shooting. Utilizing this along with cover provides a powerful defense against those pesky Elf bow shots. The second special rule is the ability, Mindthirst. This one turns traditional generalship on its head by stealing your opponent’s Inspiring sources. While they themselves [...]