Clash of Kings USA comes to Adepticon - play the best and win a visit to the UK – Mantic Blog
Hello Manticans, it’s Ronnie here! I hope you are all well, and starting the New Year with a new warband, army or faction. I mean, the Nightstalkers have just gone up on pre-order, so it would be rude for you not to, really. Of course, once you’ve got your lovely new miniatures, based them and then painted them up, you’re going to need a venue to show off your things of beauty. And what better way than to do that than in the company of the Mantic team – at some of the biggest events in the calendar? There is no better place to start than AdeptiCon 2019! We have the full team in attendance at this huge wargaming event in late March. The highlight of Adepticon is the opportunity be crowned Clash of Kings USA champion 2019 – and win a subsidised trip to compete in the Clash of Kings in the UK in October (terms and conditions apply). Or just thrash the pants off the 2 UK champions (Nick Williams and Dominic Staveacre) who we are flying over to compete. Surely you can’t let some filthy limeys take your crown? If Kings of War isn’t your bag then [...]