Vanguard Tournament Report – Mantic Blog
Last weekend saw the UK’s first ever Vanguard tournament, organised by Andy Sharp from Weight of Fire. 28 players from across the country headed to The Forge in Manchester to fight it out with their warbands. Among the collected commanders were Martin and Rob from Mantic – who both fought valiantly to come mid table. Following the event, we thought we’d share some highlights/hints, just in case you’re planning to organise your own Vanguard tournament. CHOOSE YOUR SCENARIOS There are plenty of scenarios in the Vanguard rulebook, so choosing the right ones for a tournament can be quite tricky. For example, although the Capture the Giant scenario is one of the most iconic in the book, we’re sure Andy might have struggled to get 14 giants painted up for the event! With that in mind, look at choosing missions that are easy to get on the table and have different methods of scoring. The four scenarios at Cry Havoc were: Supply Grab (a good introductory scenario to get everyone warmed up)The Power Stones (players score each round, so this encourages them to get stuck in!)Recover the Plans (in this one, you’ve got to chase the plans around the board)Secure the [...]