12 Days of Christmas: TerrainCrate – Mantic Blog
Back in the distant mists of time (2015) we released Dungeon Saga, a board game that harked back to the dungeon crawlers of the past. The game itself was hugely popular and continues to sell out even today. However, one of the surprise successes on the back of Dungeon Saga was how popular the 3D fantasy scenery was. The game came with dungeon doors and scenery, which we sold separately and constantly kept selling out. Dungeon Debris The popularity of the scenery got us thinking – if these few bits have been successful, what about making an entire range of fantasy terrain and scenery? Boom! TerrainCrate was born. This range of PVC plastic fantasy scenery gave everyone the chance to create the dungeon of their dreams or a battlefield that you’d be proud to fight over. From a Wizard’s Study to a campsite, TerrainCrate helped us to launch a massive range of scenery. As well as being a popular Kickstarter, TerrainCrate has also been massively successful at retail. In fact, demand has been so high, we’ve been re-ordering stock since it was launched. What’s more, we were able to release a retail exclusive set (the Town Centre) and produce the [...]