12 Days of Christmas: Deadzone – Mantic Blog
Looking back at 2018 it was a fantastic year for Deadzone. Let’s just cast our collectives minds back to the wonderful events that took place *screen goes all wobbly, sound of a clock ticking* The main event was the Outbreak supplement. This wonderful piece of work updated all the existing faction lists and added two brand new factions: Mazon Labs and NamelessTalking of Nameless, we released an awesome new faction starter, alongside some big models like the resin Bathomite and mighty GoliathAll this culminated in the summer campaign. Across the course of six weeks, players around the world battled for the fate of Starfall and the future of the Nameless. Although the Nameless didn’t win, their expansionist tendencies have increased and it’s likely they’ll be seen a lot more in GCPS space. In fact, yesterday we released an alpha list to use the Nameless in Firefight The reaction from the Deadzone community to all of the above was fantastic. In fact, the summer campaign was the biggest we’ve ever run, and we had more than 1,500 games reported over the course of the event, which is great. What’s more, Outbreak was so popular that it’s now sold out! We won’t [...]