12 Days of Christmas: Vanguard – Mantic Blog
2018 was most definitely the year of Vanguard (well, at least the latter half was). As we’ve mentioned before, it was one of our most successful game launches ever and the first print run of the book is already long gone (more on the way in January, dear reader). What’s more, it was even awarded the inaugural ‘game of the year’ by BlackJackLegacy, which is absolutely awesome, plus it came second in Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniature Gaming’s games of the year list. Amazing. In 2019 the plan is to build on all this with new faction releases, extra scenarios, a new supplement book in the summer and hopefully an online campaign. Obviously, we’re not going to spoil all the surprises here, but we’ve got a few exciting teasers up our sleeve. DWARF FACTION First up though, we’ve got the release of the Dwarf Faction. It should probably come as no surprise that Ronnie’s favourite shorties are one of the first new factions. With this new faction you’ve awesome new miniatures like the Steel Juggernaut and the Flame Priest, alongside the new warband set and support packs. These new Dwarfs are without doubt some of the nicest miniatures we’ve produced, [...]