12 Days of Christmas: Organised Play and Clash of Kings 2019 – Mantic Blog
Hi everyone, Martin here again. In 2019 we are trying some new stuff with Organised Play. Starting with Vanguard we are launching a brand new Organised Play kit into stores. Only stores will have access to these sets as the rewards within are exclusive and AMAZING! Each set will have enough content for 3 months of events and will consist of exclusive Mercenaries, miniatures and one grand prize! I wanted to make the top prize something spectacular but also practical. So we are working with the guys over at Kraken Wargames and have created this… Each Organised Play kit will contain a bronze coloured Vanguard token set. These will not be available anywhere outside of the Organised Play sets, so get your warband together and head over to an event at your FLGS! If you are a Tournament Organiser you can speak to the store you are holding your event to order the set for you. We have existing Organised Play sets that are still available Kings of War – 12 and 24 players OP kitsDreadball – Organised Play set and an amazing trophy We will be respeccing The Deadzone kit in 2019 to really engage with in store play and [...]