12 Days of Christmas: Novels and Fiction in 2019 – Mantic Blog
Hello, all. Brandon here from Winged Hussar Publishing. I’m the editor for Zmok Books, our science-fiction and fantasy imprint. As most have you have heard by now, we are going to producing original novels for Mantic’s IPs – primarily Kings of War and Deadzone. In 2018, we saw the first Mantic book released to tie directly into the Kings of War’s campaign, Edge of the Abyss, entitled Tales of Mantica: Edge of the Abyss. The short story anthology told tales from a multitude of viewpoints; to give fans of every faction a taste of what’s to come! Now that we’ve whetted everyone’s appetite, we have a packed schedule for 2019 for full length novels! The first novel is titled Nature’s Knight, by Marc DeSantis. The narrative picks up from his short story in the anthology – and if you haven’t read it yet, that’s no problem; we’ve included Marc’s short story as the prologue to the book so that way readers can refresh the events that now set the scene for the opening of the novel. Dillen Genemer is a former paladin of Basilea that, after being saved from near-death, finds himself indebted to the Green Lady. His mission? To [...]