12 Days of Christmas: Kings of War RPG – Mantic Blog
For the second of today’s blogs, we’re handing control over to Marc Langworthy – one of the chaps behind the upcoming Kings of War RPG. We’ll all have entertained our own hopes and dreams for a special gift this Christmas. Peace on Mantica. Negan’s blessing. Maybe even a commendation from the Council of Seven over out latest Deadzone deployment. For me, however, there was no greater present than the ‘Let’s do it!’ from Mantic HQ when we shook hands on Kings of War the Roleplaying Game. Despite the fact that the news seemed to drop overnight, the road to the roleplaying game has actually been a fairly long one. I was introduced to Kings of War by a good friend of mine (who also just happens to be a Mantic Pathfinder) a few years ago and immediately appreciated the coupling of tactical diversity and simplicity that the system offered. Hooked by the aesthetics and gameplay, and being as much a storyteller as a wargamer, I immediately tracked down as much lore on the setting as I could. I hadn’t yet begun my career as writer or developer of roleplaying games, but here was a setting that was crying out for [...]