12 Days of Christmas: New Year, New Army – Mantic Blog
Dave here and I’ve got the honour of kicking off this year’s 12 Days of Christmas blogs. Over the next 11 days we’ll be reviewing 2018 and looking forward at what’s coming up in 2019. Actually, I guess Ronnie really kicked things off with his Christmas Broadcast. Just in case you missed it, make sure you watch below to see that outfit. The new years brings new things into play – a clean slate (mentally, at least) to start from scratch. It’s the perfect chance to start that army. You know, that one. “I’d love to do a Forces of the Abyss army, I just don’t have the time…”or “That GCPS Force is really tempting, but I already have other stuff to do…” You know every single one of the lines and excuses that keep you from true army happiness. For me, it’s that I’ll get distracted and not finish the project (Ed’s note – I’ve yet to see Dave finish a unit, let alone an army :p) Forget all of this. Forget the negatives and excuses. Now is the time to pick that one army you’ve always wanted to do and GET IT DONE. To quote a famous internet [...]