How Here's Negan fits into the All Out War range – Mantic Blog
Here’s Negan: The Board Game is the latest Walking Dead release from Mantic Games. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be delving deep into the game to explain the main mechanics, introduce the characters, watch play throughs and plenty more. However, before we get onto all that exciting stuff, we wanted to explain how Here’s Negan fits into the wider All Out War range. A NEW WAY TO PLAY With the release of Here’s Negan, we’ve got a great new introduction into the universe and a totally different way to play. You see across our Walking Dead range, we’ve got a number of ways for people to enjoy the game and tailor it to their desired experience. NARRATIVE PLAY This is the core experience that the majority of you have played. Throughout the various narrative expansions – starting with Rick hunting for his family in Atlanta (Wave One) through to the bloody encounter with the Hunters (Wave Five) – each recreates the main Walking Dead storyline and gives fans the opportunity to see how they would tackle the deadly situations encountered by the survivors. And probably die in the process… PRELUDE TO WOODBURY Alongside the core starter set, you can [...]