Vanguard Launch Celebration at Mantic HQ – Mantic Blog
Hey everyone, Martin here! Well what a brilliant Saturday we had at the Vanguard Launch Celebration here at Mantic HQ. We had people journey from all over the country to come and join in the fun so we had to make sure everyone left with a ‘giant’ smile 🙂 Click here for a short video of the day The day started with a short demo from Matt, and a full demo play through from Elvis to get everyone comfortable with the rules. Our guests were then invited to borrow some of the war-bands we had made available and hit the tables! Up until lunchtime we had free play on all the tables. We had laid them out so each had a different scenario from the rule book, so our Vanguardians could either play a mission, or just have a massive fight! (we had a bit of both). There was plenty of dice being rolled, 8-trains choo choo-ing and commanders being killed with lots of whooping and shouting. We had spot prizes for added fun, with the best cheer coming when a grunt killed a command model!! After lunch we had a Q&A with Matt Gilbert which you can catch up [...]