My Warband, My Story: Rob's Forces of the Abyss Part 2 – Mantic Blog
A cruel smile crept across Ma’baya’s face. She could sense the magnificent power of the stones. The air was alive with a crackling energy. Yes, the fight had been brutal, but it was worth it. She glanced towards her Warlock, Kic’hawi. He was stroking the stones as though they were a newborn baby, while reading the runes aloud in a soft, soothing voice. It was a bizarrely tender moment for a creature that revelled in causing agony. Mafu’ta, simply grunted. Her notoriety was growing and victories like this would only add to her legend. More Abyssals had flocked to her banner… but with each new fighter, there came new risks. The latest to join her ranks was an Abyssal Tormentor, Mate’so. He had previously commanded his own warband, until they were ambushed by a rampaging band of Nightstalkers. Even Ma’baya feared those faceless, brutal horrors. Mate’so craved the thrill of command again and he constantly spread seeds of dissent among her troops. But she would tolerate him – for now. Her main reason was that Mate’so was accompanied by a Despoiler that was devoted to its master. Memories of watching the Despoiler rip and rend its way through the Dwarfs [...]