My Warband, My Story: Martin's Dwarfs – Mantic Blog
“I am so drunk.. I don’t even know if i am holding this jug of ale or not.. I’ll keep staring at it. I’m sure my vision will clear at some point soon…” Borgnine was celebrating… His Warband The Dirty Dwarfen had been victorious once again. This unit were truly unstoppable under the leadership of Sergeant Stringfellow and the ale was flowing once again.. The DD had particularly enjoyed their last mission, as there is one thing that the team hated most in the world and that was the sound (and scent) of a Bard. And this particular Bard was truly a pleasure to kill (the orders said capture, but what the hell). This irritating meandering poet had earned himself a kill/capture order by the Dwarf King Ernest for *singing in places he shouldn’t. *Editors note: Read into that what you will, but this scenario will be played out in full at the launch day! It turned out that Borgnine and his fellow warriors weren’t alone in their capture mission on that day. The filthy Goblins wanted him for their own insidious means, no doubt wanting to blackmail our illustrious King with information that the damned Bard would have been [...]