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They knew they would die.. the Children of the Reaper were born of war and embraced battle. This time the fight was on their terms! In the cold wastes of the North, the Abyssal Seductress Ma’baya and her Bloody Knives would suffer. Not just from the biting wind and frost from the cold winter, but from his steadfast Elite crew of fighters. Korres the Ice Queen was already blasting the enemy with ferocious Windblasts and her Winter’s Bite, pitching Abyssals off the cliff face and sending them back to the hell from which they had spawned. Mejer was prepared. His dual axes glinted brightly and he growled in anticipation of the coming battle. On this frozen hill top they had to keep the beacon lit. The Children of the Reaper were tasked with this vital mission and they would fight to their last breath. The main Northern Alliance force was yet to come up, and without the beacon as guidance who knows what numbers of his kin would be lost to this deadly weather… Gooja the Snow Troll Prime was howling with rage. A veteran of 100 years of war, he lived for this. His vicious club still glistened with gore from their [...]