Clash of Kings UK 2018: Saturday Night Shenanigans – Mantic Blog
Over the weekend of 13th & 14th October, the Clash of Kings UK Championship will be played out at Element Games Northwest Gaming Centre (NWGC). Andy from Mantic here; I’m the tournament organiser (TO) for Clash of Kings UK 2018. During this exciting weekend, attendees will play around 300 games between them and at the end of it all, the UK Champion will be crowned for 2018. That’s the daytime sorted. During Saturday evening, Mantic will be setting up camp in the bar and gaming area of the NWGC… Saturday Evening Shenanigans in the Bar Pub Quiz! Hosted by none other than Crazy Bobby* himself, Rob Burman, will supply you with questions that confound, amuse, and otherwise test your knowledge (and likely your resolve). *- Crazy Bobby may or may not make a personal appearance – it depends on if we all need a quiet night or not. Q&A Session with Ronnie It wouldn’t be a community event without you being able to interact with Mantic, so we’re going to have an interview with Ronnie, followed by questions from the floor. Feel free to ask the Bard of Mantica what plans he’s hatching for Kings of War. Food NWGC are [...]