Spring Open Day 2018: Open Day Deals – Mantic Blog
On Saturday 5th May, Mantic Games invites you, our friends, to join us for our biannual OPEN DAY. You can choose a single ticket, or the Group ticket – which covers four attendees for the price of three! Open Day events have been evolving from your feedback and our experiences. Once again we have made certain that the Main Hall is at capacity, and – again – we will be utilising extra rooms to add in more and varied things to do. Our aim as always is to create an aspiring environment that will inspire your own hobby and captivate you for up to 6 hours! The success of November’s Open Day proved the template for the forthcoming Spring Open Day 2018. There are three blogs in this series: Participation and Cool Stuff, Learning, Open Day Deals 3. OPEN DAY DEALS For our third blog we’re going to look at something we all share – we love hitting up events to increase our hobby collections! Whether it’s brand new, a chance at a pre-release, exclusives and limited (and ‘not in production’) models, or simply adding to existing units it’ll scratch that collective itch. Without further ado then, here is a [...]