Ronnie talks about the future of Kings of War and Vanguard! – Mantic Blog
It was a surprise when it happened – you know back in the summer of 2015 when overnight Kings of War went from the fringe to the de facto go-to mass battle rank and flank fantasy wargame. Wow – now the pressure was on. Firstly it had to survive heaps of new players coming at the game with high expectations. They were used to a global system that had been around for decades, with heaps of gameplay and well developed fluff! In those months when lots of gamers were trying out the free KoW rules, or picking up the second edition book (3 reprints!) many were playing a Mantic game for the first time, and many that tried it loved the clean unambiguous rules and balanced play. Our tournament scene went from a few regular faces, to some of the biggest events in the world, and large parts of the USA (you know who you are!) along with big sections of OZ, NZ and the UK decamped wholesale to KoW. We wanted to welcome our new found friends and the Rules Committee jumped into making a book that allowed people with existing fantasy armies an easy way to use them [...]