Kings of War: Monstrous Tactics – Mantic Blog
With the new Kings of War monster kits headed your way soon and even more existing ones, we thought that it would be great to go over them in a bit more detail. These are some suggested uses for your heavy-hitters in games, but of course, there are many more ways to put your monsters to use in battle. The Steel Behemoth is the epitome of the Dwarven way of war. With a high defence of 6+ and a nerve equivalent to a horde of infantry, this thing will hold the line whenever you need it to. In combat, it has tons of attacks (20+D6!), all of which will hit with Crushing Strength 3 – able to topple the toughest of foes. Its main weakness, like many Dwarf units, is speed. This will be unlikely to charge an opponent first, however, it can take just about any charge levelled at it, then hit back just as hard. The Undead Wyrm makes a great mount for your Revenant King, turning a small character on foot into something much more dangerous. Again, this hits with Crushing Strength 3, on 9 attacks and has great nerve. While the rest of the stats are [...]