New Year, New Game: Kings of War in 2017 – Mantic Blog
2017 is going to be a huuuuuuge year for Kings of War and we’ve got plenty of exciting miniatures and events lined up for all you KoW fans. Kings of War Army Sets But, let’s do the ugly stuff first. Over the last 18 months we have been hit with a heap of price rises, and on top of that the dollar prices have risen too. We have soaked this up for as long as we can, and held the armies sets at £50 this year, even though the regiment sets all went up in price. However, the current Kings of War army sets will be going up to £59.99 from Feb 1st. We will look at reconfiguring the sets to see if we can bring them back to £50, and offer a better starter force at the same time. However, that does still give you 30 days to pick them up at the existing price, so if you’ve been thinking of starting KoW or picking up a new army for the summer campaign, there’s no better time than now! Plus, we’ve currently got a special offer on the softback Gamer’s Edition of the rulebook. Tournament Book Currently we’re busy [...]