Mantic Games Nanowrimo entry form, background documents and FAQ – Mantic Blog
Last week we announced that Mantic Games will be taking part in National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), which starts on November 1st. This contest will offer you, our fans, a unique opportunity to write your very own stories based on the fantastic characters and action-packed scenarios from your favourite Mantic games. The Mantic Nanowrimo Writing Competition will center on a handful of Events, Battles, and Character Stories from both the World of Mantica and the Warpath Universe. For the Lands of Mantica category the three themes are: 1. The Ratkin Revolt 2. The Life of the Green Lady 3. Living Battle Report (Mantica) For the Warpath Universe category the three themes are: 1. The Last Match of Gregor ‘The Big G’ Davitz 2. The Garrison on Planet Exham IV 3. Living Battle Report (WPU) By clicking on any of the links above, you can download background documents to help you prepare your story and get your creative juices flowing. You will also need to complete the entry form and there’s also an FAQ that will answer any more questions. To enter and qualify, each author must: 1) Choose the topic you are writing for then download that topic’s Information Packet [...]