DreadBall Teams Spotter's Guide – Mantic Blog
With only six days left until the end of the DreadBall 2 Kickstarter, we thought we’d take a look at the massive variety of teams that play the galaxy’s greatest sports game! You can add any of these as add-ons on the Kickstarter, including the brand new Matsudan, Neo-Bots and Yndij! Pledge now! Don’t know the difference between a Mutant and a Mechanite? Unsure whether it’s culturally insensitive to call a Forge Father a Dwarf? Are all Zees really actually named “Zee”? Fret not! This quick spotter’s guide to all known DreadBall teams is here to help you get on your feet! Trontek 29ers (Humans) The original and the best all-Human team to take to the DreadBall pitch, the TronTek name promises excellence in athleticism. The ultimate all-round team. They are able to adapt to any situation and, while they do not excel at anything, they are able to take advantage of other team’s weaknesses by simply having none of their own. Greenmoon Smackers (Marauders) Lean, mean, green – The Greenmoon Smackers are the original bruisers of the Dreadball circuit. The strength of the Orcs is used to smash their way through the lines of their opponents. When [...]