Deadzone: Infestation Breakdown – Mantic Blog
On Friday we launched the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter, and it funded successfully in just 13 minutes. Wow! It’s been 48 hours since the start, so we thought it was worthwhile just to have a closer look at exactly what we’re doing with this new project. Having created so much through the original Kickstarter, this new project focuses on adding the new Veer-myn Faction to the game, as well as additions to the existing races like the Enforcer Pathfinders, and hopefully many more. These new miniatures are made out of hard plastic and are on sprues, like the Plague Zombies and Forge Guard. There is no resin plastic (the material all of the factions starters are in) in this Kickstarter. Veer-myn An insidious disease ridden race, the Veer-Myn fester in the darkest corners of man’s world. Their broods writhe and chatter in a rodent like manner, equally matched by their physical appearance. The uncertainty of whether the Veer-Myn act with a motive, or just the need to infest and expand, only adds to the nightmare created from what lurks within the shadows. Veer-myn: The new hard plastic sprue contains enough pieces to build a sergeant, Malignus specialist with heavy weapon, Night-Crawlers [...]