Mantic Open Day round up! – Mantic Blog
Mantic Open day round up With the open day being such a great success I’d like to give you an overview of the day and everything that was going on to make the day the biggest thing on this year’s gaming calendar! Right off the bat we had people waiting eagerly to get through the Mantic door, all with tickets in hand waiting for their bag of free treats on arrival! Once people were through the door the fun could really begin. All around the edges of the room were demo tables set up for all of Mantic’s games, ranging from Mars Attacks to the yet to be release DreadBall Xtreme, as well as demo table set up running the beta rules for Kings of War 2nd edition. In the centre of the room was were the 3 participation games were held. These tables were busy all day as these games brought a slightly different twist to Mantic’s games. This was brilliant to see that people were already comfortable with our gaming systems and ready to put their own twist on things! Firstly we had the Mars Attacks Robot Rampage game. In this scenario players were thrown into a trailer [...]