Mars Attacks... Kickstarter! – Mantic Blog
Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game is now live on Kickstarter – follow this link to pledge now! Field General Tor – leader of the Martian Invasion Force at Greenville Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game tells the story of Greenville, a sleepy suburban town that becomes the focus of a Martian General’s nefarious plans. As you play through the game you’ll follow our group of plucky heroes and evil aliens as they clash across the blasted ruins of the friendliest town in the South. The game features awesome, detailed miniatures that can be used straight out of the box as they come preassembled in coloured plastic. Or, if you like, you can paint them to enhance the look of your game. Either way, they’ll look great! The game will feature Martians, U.S. Soldiers, heroes and modular plastic terrain. The rules are easy to learn, and focus on fast-paced gameplay that anyone can enjoy – even someone who’s never played a miniatures game in their life! As you play through the scenarios you’ll find yourself immersed in amazing moments of b-movie action as your models shrug off damage, take one-in-a-million shots and sprint across open ground towards cover while shots erupt all [...]