Hever Castle Hotel | A Tudor Era Luxury Castle Hotel Stay near London
Most Famous Residents: Queen Anne Boleyn, Queen Anne of Cleves. Hever Castle near London, was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife and the mother of Elizabeth I, putting it right in the top league of England‘s historically meaningful properties, and perhaps at the very top of historically meaningful properties that you can actually stay at. Now before you start to imagine waking up in Anne Boleyn’s bedroom, it must be pointed out that that though the double moated castle dates back to the 13th Century their 28 B&B rooms are set in two Edwardian era extensions. That being said though, as a guest at Hever you are also allowed exclusive access to the castle itself, right up until midnight each day. Named the Astor Wing and Anne Boleyn Wing, these two Edwardian extensions were built in 1903, in a tasteful mock Tudor style by the then Read more [...]