Let the image speak for itself 001: The Logo - MamaBuzz
Spring is here and what else has sprung? I officially launched my logo! Do you see the details and understand the message behind it? Let me share this to you in sequence. I used Logojoy and I love it! Let’s start. The graphic speaks for a creative look of a Mom and Baby, connected with each other by heart. As I internalize it even more, it’s also an exclamation point turned upside down correlating with the Mom figure. It signifies the hype, the excitement and energy that I want to indulge in my blog. I also love the font of MamaBuzz. It creates that buzzing motion of the letters. The three stars signifies the brilliant character of a Mother. As a first time mom, I can now relate how beautiful Motherhood is and any Mom is a star! In addition, the 3 stars symbolize myself, my husband and our little one, placed overhead the “Mama” word; it means I, as the mom is the light of the family. Lastly, I thought about the tagline “Where Mom Life keeps buzzing”. I want to spread awareness what this blog is all about. I want to inspire, motivate and influence other Moms, including Dads, to thrive the challenges and hardships of Motherhood, and Life in general. As an advocate of Mental and Maternal Health, I want to create a space for others by buzzing positively and be able to share information related to Pregnancy, Postpartum period, Child Development, Self-care ideas, and Positivity. In this journey, we will create memories together with our little ones, at the same time, taking care of ourselves. This is Motherhood. This is MamaBuzz. Spread the love. Need a logo for your brand but don’t know how to create it? Try using Logojoy Logo Maker. I highly recommend it. You’ll love it. What about you? What other thoughts have you grasp in the image? Feel free to share.