Silence before the Storm.. ⋆ MAMA-BEAR PArenting
Hello my dear mamas! Long time no see! You might be wondering what is this all about but don’t worry, it’s not about some doomsday post or any craziness of mine! I’ve been quite quiet for two weeks, not posting anything, and it’s for a good reason. No need to call the police or notify my disappearance. I’M HERE MORE ALIVE THAN EVER. There’s been many things going on in my life and had to deal with personal stuff, which resulted on major inner shifts. I’ll be sharing all the great stuff with you very soon and I can’t wait to break the news over here. Exciting things are coming your way, and I’m sure that what I’m making/creating right now is going to be a blast not only for me but for you, SPECIALLY FOR YOU. By the way, have you seen the moon’s partial eclipse a few days ago? I had the privilege to be able to see it over here in London as we had clear skies, and it was magical. I see an eclipse like a metaphor for something happening in our lives that seem so weird and unsettling. We might believe all our shine and greatness is gone or disappearing but despite the scare it actually is a phase that is transforming us from within. Take it like this… “DESPITE AN APPEARING SHADOW THAT ECLIPSE OUR LIGHT, WE STILL SHINE BENEATH IT! WE JUST HAVE TO REMAIN STRONG AND GIVE TIME FOR IT TO GO AWAY” Life is a cycle with ups and downs but nothing will bring down something that remains strong and true to itself. I’ll be posting very very soon. Until then, remember to never give up on your dreams and more importantly, never ever give up on yourself. With light and joy, Diosa Ll.B.