Stop and Smell the Roses - Mallory Dublin
Lov-E-thic Sometimes stopping and smelling the roses seems like it’s not option for most of us. We’re all busy, with kids, pets, work, our spouse, our parents, our grandparents or just life in general. Some of us are just bad at time management, period. Yet, despite all of our crazy lives, stopping and smelling the roses is just damn right important. Taking a minute or two to stop, take in, and enjoy all the wonder that surrounds us is best for our souls.I encourage you, the next time you see a pretty flower, a beautiful tree, a sunrise, a sunset, or whatever it is that catches your eye, to stop and take a minute or two and enjoy! It’s the best feeling in the world. Take a photo of it so you can remember it, too. If you don’t have a phone with a camera or a camera at least stop and stare for a while for a good mental picture. Below are some stop and smell the roses moments I’ve experienced in the past couple weeks.This is a place I drive by on one of my routes home. Click Image Below Click Image Below The first 2 are a sunset and the second 2 are a glimpse of the sky early in the evening right before a storm. I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos but I hope you stop and smell the roses sometime soon, more. Love to all: Mallory Lov-E-thic for everybody