Electronic Round-Up: "Draping," Oyubi And BD1982 | Make Believe Melodies
-- The 10th installment of the Draping series dropped late last week, finding the trio of DJ Fulltono, CRZKNY and Skip Club Orchestra continue to play around with footwork. This time around, all three play around with the same central sample (or at the very least let the main sample stand out more clearly across all tracks), each taking their own approach to a Spanish-language vocal. Get it here, or listen below. DRAPING 10 by DJ Fulltono / CRZKNY / Skip Club Orchestra -- Diskotopia co-founder BD1982 released a new EP called 7th Door, featuring five spacious rumblers revealing new details as they move along. The entire release feels a little more misty, songs such as the title track and "The Loa" carrying a sense of unease throughout. Same time, BD1982 adds in something like the hoppy "Find a Way," which still boasts plenty of space but makes the beat front and center. Get it here, or listen below. 7th Door EP by BD1982 -- Oyubi continues sharing in a very busy 2019 with "Just In," an