WELCOME! by Madi Noelle Photography on Exposure
I love Jesus, the outdoors and fishing. Food is my best friend. I get the hiccups when I am hungry (always). I’m a candle hoarder, green banana eater, movie quoter, and sunshine addict. I love the beach and my boots. I can’t live without my sunroof and I sing (terribly) when I’m happy. Growing up my mom constantly had a camera in my face, documenting my every move. Having these photographs is something to cherish - it’s as if I can go back in time to that exact moment and remember how I felt, what I was thinking. I want to create “Time Machines” so that you can experience your past whenever you want to. I not only have a passion for photography, but an extreme passion for life and reliving moments. You can contact me at my personal email address - - with any questions, to schedule a shoot, or to share your favorite carrot cake recipe with me. Thanks for stopping by!