Lyra Sky's Monologue – The Walking Dead vol.5 | Mind You
I love this couple! yeah,I know there're many fans dislike Richonne But I think they're so right for eachother,believin'each other,Love each other the most important thing,isn't it? soul mate🙆‍♀️ I wannabe… #Michonne #RickGrimes #richonne #TheWalkingDead⁠ ⁠ #twd9 #love #ValentinesDay Februaryw13.2019. Howdy! I'll post my favorite TV program "The Walking Dead"'s characters and loveable photographes with my Monologues tonight. These are my memories and memo, mainly from February to March in 2019. スポンサーリンク[ad#go1] If you wanna look into my brains, You can find it deeply and Please read them. But you come to see my regular articles: Rock Lyrics, Bands stories, Spoilers and Movies, Sorry, Please read these or See ya tomorrow ! Love and Respect. Lyra Sky. Love ♥️ 今日はLyraの独り言を大好きなドラマ「ウォーキングデッド」のキャラクターや俳優さん達と一緒にまとめたいと思います。 いつものRock Bandの解説や歌詞の和訳、WalkingDeadなどのドラマや映画の感想ネタバレは、今夜はちょっとお休み、、、。 だから、Lyraの頭ん中を見たい人だけ見て楽しんでください。