Lyra Sky's Monologue -Favorites vol.27 | Mind You
Lyra Skyさんが最も失ってはいけないもの上位5つ 1位【変態としての気品】 2位【無限の性欲】 3位【変態としての目標】 4位【変態としての知名度】 5位【変態としての威厳】 #あなたが最も失ってはいけないもの Why don't infinity sexdrive leave me? Above test's "your most important things you must keep your heart". and this said "refinement of abnomality", " sexual perversion", "porpoise of abnormality", "reputation of abnormality", "dignity of abnomality". What's the hell this? this computer dienitly wanna make me abnomal! #abnormal #perversion December.26.2018. Howdy! I'll post my favorite people, nature and beautiful scenes' cute and loveable pohotographes with my Monologues tonight. スポンサーリンク[ad#go1] These are my memories and memo, in December of 2018. If you wanna look into my brains, You can find it deeply and Please read them. If you come to see my regular articles: Rock Lyrics and Explanations, Bands, Walking Dead, Movies, Sorry, Please read these or See ya tomorrow ! Love and Respect. Lyra Sky. Love ♥️