It’s not exactly surprising to hear that the geeks over at the National Science Foundation are porn-addicted weirdos who can’t leave off jerking for long enough to get in a full work day. But the scale of their at-work porn viewing is surprising, nevertheless, not to mention creepy, given that most of my childhood PBS viewing was sponsored in part by them (if my memory of PBS ‘un-commercials’ serves me right), as was the research just published on our new oldest ancestor, Ardipithecus. According to budget documents obtained and reported on by the Washington Times, the NSF spent most of its internal regulatory budget on investigating and prosecuting employees for inappropriate use of work computers last year in a six fold increase over the year before. Not including pending cases, seven cases on porn viewing at work were closed last year at the foundation. I don’t know how many people work over there at the NSF, but that seems like a pretty high number. Particularly given that we’re talking about cases so intense that they had to be investigated and prosecuted. These aren’t the occasional instances of clicking on the wrong link or opening an e-mail you should have saved [...]