To Bean or Not to Bean? - Lynsey G
That's… actually a kind of hot picture of a bean. …yeah, that was a lame title. But oh well. So I’ve been thinking. The other day someone mentioned Masturbation Month to me, and they mentioned “flicking the bean” as a term for female masturbation. And I was all, “Ew, don’t call it that!” But… why? I’m a big fan of lots of terms for lots of things, and a huge proponent of the, “It’s just a word” school of thought about profanity. I believe, as a writer, that words have powers we don’t even fully understand, that the ways in which we interpret them arise as results of the social and political systems from which they stem and that they can be the banners of inequality, prejudice, and outright hate. But I also believe that a word can only go so far and that if one chooses to let it roll of one’s back without taking personal offense or letting the roots of a nasty epithet affect the way in which you perceive the symbolized idea or object… then talk away! I don’t need to scream and cause a fuss if I hear someone use the word “cunt.” Actually, I [...]