THE CANDY STICK — “If it had a handle it would be a police baton of pulverizing pleasure!” - Lynsey G
THE CANDY STICK I don’t feel a need to make too many silly jokes about a toy with a name so patently sexy, so let’s cut to the chase, shall we? There are a bunch of reasons you should consider purchasing a Candy Stick from Papaya Toys: the company is small and run on socially and environmentally responsible principles while charging a fair price. It manufactures high-quality products that it stands fully behind. These toys, and the company behind them, have won numerous awards. They’re beautifully designed, safe, sleek, and will definitely get the job done. And they’re superb for women like myself: horny women who are attracted to bright colors and swirly things, who live alone in the city and need a bedtime companion as much as they need a weapon. No, seriously. The Candy Stick and its fellow vibes from Papaya)( is ten inches of no-nonsense sex toy that must weigh in at easily a pound and a half. It’s long, sturdy, and made of easily-grippable medical-grade silicone that won’t break or crack. It’s basically the single lady’s bedside nightstick: honestly, if the Candy Stick had a handle it would be a police baton of pulverizing pleasure. What [...]