Syd Blakovich is the Damn Coolest - Lynsey G
Photo by Metzgerei, courtesy of A few nights ago, as I was watching “Justine Joli: Lost” for review, I became suddenly aware that I am totally in love/lust with, and amazed by, Syd Blakovich. The woman is amazing, and has a power and presence on screen that captivate me… I took the plunge and e-mailed her, hoping for an interview, with fingers crossed and breath held… And holy crap she got right back to me! So not only is she beautiful, talented, intelligent, and ice-cold cool, but she’s also accessible! How did I get so lucky? Anyway, here’s what we talked about… Miss Lagsalot: First of all, let’s talk about the letter “y.” I’m assuming that your name is a stage name… Why’d you go with the “y” instead of an “i”? Are you a fan of “y” as a vowel rather than a consonant. Are you an anti-consonant activist? Syd Blakovich: It’s actually a lot simpler… my father wanted to name me Sydney but my mom ended up picking my name (Shawn) instead. So it’s a little bit biographical and a little bit of fiction. Lag: On a more serious note, you are a powerhouse performer with a [...]