SEXPERT ADVICE — It hurts when we bang! - Lynsey G
Dear WHACK! My girlfriend has a really tight vagina. It feels great for me, but when we start having sex she almost always says it hurts. How can we have sex without pain? —Don’t Want to Hurt Her Dear DWHH, Two words, my friend: foreplay and lube. Despite what you often see in porn, most women aren’t naturally lubed up and ready to go down below. Although women in porn seem to go directly from a perfunctory blowjob to disappearing the sausage, there’s a lot of editing that cuts out the gallons of lube being applied between positions. Most women don’t take one look at a cock and immediately slide off our chairs in slick anticipation. Actually, it takes the majority of us a little while to get to the point of ruining our underwear, and for some women it’s more difficult than for others. Especially for women who are small in that area, lubrication—whether natural or from a bottle—is the key to success in penetrative sex. There are two ways to lubricate, as I mentioned already. The easiest one is lube, and lube can be a man’s best friend. It’s easy to buy and easy to use—and easy to [...]