Editor’s Note: This is a transcription of Max’s reply to Miss Lagsalot’s inquiry about the ex-pornographer’s current state of being. The original letter can be found below the transcription. Yes, Max sent this pic along with the letter. And yes, he is serious. Paul F. Little America’s Most Wanted PornstarTM La Tuna FCI PO Box 3000 Anthony, NM 88021-9877 June 18, 2010 Ms. L. Lagsalot XXX X XXX XX XXX XX XXXXX, NY XXXXX Dear Ms. Lagsalot: Thank you for writing in with the kind words of concern, support, & inquiry. I’m pleased to report that despite my latest legal lashing — which has left me a poore(sic!) political prisoner, I am feeling fit and in superb spirits. As always, I remain ready to publi- cize the peril on(sic!) faces when exer- cizing(sic!) sexually explicit artistic ex- pression. Firstly, though, let me congratulate you for launching your weekly on- line publication Whack! I’m sure that it’s been quite an exhausting undertaking. Let’s get right to it then, and allow me to state where my case has settled. Despite the epic efforts of my legal team led b the ace 1st Amendment attorney H. Louis Sirkin, who was armed with an [...]