Madison Young and Me - Lynsey G
Aw hells yeah! Every time an article of mine goes up on I get all tingly. Here’s my review of Triangle Films’ River Rock Women’s Prison, which absolutely astounded me. Kathryn Annelle is one hell of a writer and director. Regardless of the fact that I LOVE lesbian and queer porn and she makes it, she puts together erotic films that hold together as artistic wholes better than, well, just about anyone else working out there at the moment. And, um, Syd Blakovich is SO hot. And, speaking of ladies I like, working with Madison Young is such a privilege; that woman blows me away. And I mean it. I just watched a scene of hers in another Triangle Films movie (which will be reviewed on TheWomansPOV next month), and you know, at first I was thinking that she kind of terrifies me. And she does. But in a good way. In that “She’s my boss kind of, but I’ve never met her, but I’ve HEARD about her, and she’s a legend, and I really want to impress her” kind of way. And also in that “She’s such an empowered woman, I don’t want her to think I’m nearly [...]