LIVE BLOGGING — SAVANNA’S BEEN BLACKMALED 2 Vivid Entertainment Directed by Paul Thomas 2 hours 23 minutes MALES AND FEMALES Savanna Samson, Mr Marcus, Tyler Knight, Tee Reel, Brooke Banner, Veronica Jett, and Sledge Hammer as Max I was getting a little sick of the whole reviewing routine: watch movie, make stupid comments about that movie while watching and touching myself, then write up a cute little review of said movie. Kind of gets old after several hundred horny features. So I thought I’d try something new: live-blogging the film! Now, I’m new to this folks, so please forgive the fact that I didn’t remember to put in times for each of these comments. Next time, I promise, you’ll have minute and second marks to fast-forward to for a more full fapping experience, but in the meantime, here’s my running commentary on Savanna’s Been Blackmaled 2 from Vivid: —All right, I’m ready to get this no-pants party started. I’ve got my bottle of water, my sandwich, and some chips, and I’m in this one for the long haul. I hope I recognize all the performers… —Oh, wait! What’s this? White letters on a black screen: The Plot: One man, two [...]