Jazella Moore's Publicity Score - Lynsey G
Anyone with an eye on the throbbing hard-on of adult entertainment news has heard the sad sob story of Scott Janke, the town planner of Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida, who was fired from his job because his wife, Anabela, was outed as a hardcore MILF porn star. You’ve probably heard some public outcry about the injustice of their plight; the story the media seems to like telling is of a genuinely nice couple, one of whom just happens to have been humped a few times on film. It’s all been perfectly legal, though, and so it’s an outrage that her husband has been persecuted for it. They’ve been on national television and have appeared on numerous radio shows, being interviewed by talking heads about their ordeal. The hubby’s out of work—oh no! The wife is trying to pick up the slack by whoring herself out to more photo shoots and interviews to keep them, and their triplet sons, and her mom who’s coming in from Portugal, all afloat. It’s a sad story of right-wing morality trumping the American spirit, and it’s a damn shame. Right? Well, folks, Whack! Magazine is here to tell you that if anything is a damn [...]