Is It Uncool to Respond to Reviews of My Show? - Lynsey G
…I don’t really care if it’s cool or not. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not a big stickler for cool. I’m more of a stickler for the sound of my own voice. …in type… Whatever. You get the idea. So the fantastic news is that Consent, my show at apexart, is in the news! It’s been listed and reviewed on all kinds of websites, from NY Daily News to Pussy le Queer (best review evar!) to to to L Magazine to ArteFuse. (Sorry for the long list, I just couldn’t help myself. And that’s not even ALL of them! I rule!) Tomorrow’s event, a double screening (sort of) of The Graduate and The Graduate XXX featuring maybe-witty banter between myself and producer Dan Reilly, is getting lots of play in the NY media and will hopefully draw a crowd. (I mean, free popcorn and booze, porn, and classic film? Does it get any better? Really?) And yet… And yet. I just can’t help being a little “gr” about some of the reviews. I mean, not really. Any press is good press, especially for something like this. If it captures any attention at all, that’s what I [...]